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Title: Fine Tuning ?
Post by: kayahr on 14 February 2009, 21:25:35
Finally started using FabLib today after having it installed for a couple of years!

What will the Fine Tuning button do for me?  What do Angle and Max Scale do?  I couldn't tell from the experimenting I was doing today.  Is there a User manual I should be referring to?

Kay Ahr in NV
Title: Re: Fine Tuning ?
Post by: Arnout on 15 February 2009, 09:33:55
Sorry, there is no user manual, as I hoped that experimenting would indeed show you what does what. Try following the first 2 steps shown on the 'Scanner' or 'Image/File' tab, i.e. open/scan an image and click-and-drag to make a selection inside that image. Now you should see a tiled example under fine tuning, which you can use to align/scale the fabrics swatch to make it tile as neatly as possible.