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Title: New to this . . .
Post by: PDG on 13 November 2010, 19:19:09
oy, i'm feeling kind of 'dense'.  i just scanned my first piece of fabric, but how do i know what size it is/should be?  is there a 'good' size, like 5" X 5", and if so, how do i crop it down to that size (i just laid the fabric on my scanner bed to fill it almost entirely).


Title: Re: New to this . . .
Post by: Arnout on 14 November 2010, 17:08:12
Hi Patty,

No, there is no such thing as a universal "good" size. Best thing to do is judge the fabric itself: does it have a repeating pattern? If so, try to capture a single repeat, or a number of repeats if that is easier.

After you make the full scan, simply click and drag to make a selection within the image that Fablib shows to choose which part you want to keep. By default, this selection will be a square, but you can change that by clicking on the "Settings..."-button and uncheck "Force square selections".

Also, when you click "Fine Tuning", Fablib will show how your selected area looks when it is repeated.

Hope this helps,
Title: Re: New to this . . .
Post by: PDG on 14 November 2010, 17:16:18
thanks!  i was wondering maybe if i would put a ruler down and scan it with the fabric, then i can 'choose' the 5" square that i want?  dumb idea?