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Quilt Assistant / Re: Windows 10 1067 update
« on: 18 October 2016, 14:33:28 »
I must add that I uninstalled and reinstalled Quilt Assistant, but still get the "Don't Panic" message pop-up when I try to print my file.  :(

Quilt Assistant / Windows 10 1067 update
« on: 18 October 2016, 14:16:54 »
My QA software is not printing after the latest update to Windows 10. Coincidence? I tried to troubleshoot for compatibility but that did not work either. I then mailed the file and tried to open it from a PC which has Windows 7. Did not succeed. Any solution? Thanks in advance!

Thank you for this amazing tool! I am drafting some blocks with 15" circles, so this has been a great help!  :)
However, I have some problems, which I hope you shall be able to help me with!
1. Snap to angle - am not sure exactly how it works. To draft a mariner's compass I need radiating lines but am unable to get the correct angles! Also, it rounds off the angles to the tenth ( one decimal place). Can you not add an option of how many radiating lines one wants in the circle, instead of specifying degrees? Thus if I want 64 radiating lines , that is the option provided! Instead of 360/64 degrees!
2. I name the sections for paper piecing, but the naming cannot be saved. Also despite naming the sub assemblies, the print preview shows all the pieces separately.
3. What is the purpose of the mirroring option under the print menu?
Thank you!

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