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Quilt Assistant / erasing functioṇ
« on: 30 July 2015, 13:26:54 »
Hi, I have your software installed and running for about three years and have introduced it to many people but have never put it to test except for playing around a bit. This week I made a compass pattern to use in my current quilṭ I find that when I draw a circle using mirror up/down, right left and the design as quarter circle, I am unable to stop after drawing the circle. I end up with lines extending to the edge of the square. How do I either erase the lines (cntrl-z did not work) or stop where I wanṭ. I also had a tough time drawing vertical and horizontal lines as the dividing lines made by the mirror display does not let one see when the lines are drawn. I tried inserting the image but cant seem to do it so have attached it. Hope you can tell me what I am doing wrong.

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