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Quilt Assistant / Using snap to angle question
« on: 19 August 2009, 18:26:27 »
How can I draw a line at a specific angle? In the Seven Sisters block I posted about earlier I needed to draw lines at 60 degrees. I couldn't figure out how to do this. I worked around my problem by creating a temporary grid of lines then drawing the 60 degree lines by drawing from intersection to intersection. Pretty tedious.



Quilt Assistant / Re: Problem spacing points in a ring/Solution
« on: 19 August 2009, 18:22:07 »
While pondering this issue, I thouht that perhaps that the fractional number of degrees might be the issue. (3 decimal places)

I decided to try to change the number of points to 30, for the entire circle. This allowed me to draw the radiating marking lines at a 6 degree angle. I did everything else the same. After drawing the radiating lines, I deselected snap to angle, selected snap to corner, mode point to point, & rotations to 30.

I drew the point using the intersections of the marking lines at the inner & outer insection. The number of rotations automatically completed all other necessary points. I then erased all extraneous lines.

For printing the templates, QA "wanted" to print 19 (I think) of 30 pieces. I printed the templates checked for duplicates & varying sizes of points in the outer ring. I only had 1 template for the outward point & 1 for the inward so the problem is solved. I can only assume that QA really didn't like that fractional degree.

I used the naming mode to select only the 9 unique templates I needed to piece the circle. (I drafted only 1 quarter of the design so there were a number of extraneous partial pieces.)

I think circles are a bit tricky in QA. Maybe a tutorial would be a good idea, a Mariner's Compass block?


Quilt Assistant / Problem spacing points in a ring
« on: 19 August 2009, 03:47:40 »
I'm trying to draft a Seven Sisters block enclosed in an outer ring of points. To simplify things I'm only drafting a quarter of the block. The quarter ring has 8 outward points, & 7 + 2 half inward points. I'll attach the file. I probably approached this the hard way but this is what I did. Since in the entire 360 degree ring there are a total of 64 point, inward & outward. I set the angle 5.625 degrees (360/64) & set the base to 90 degrees. I also set the rotation to draw 64 lines, if I was doing the entire circle. In Design mode I used straight line. I then drew a line from the lower right corner to the upper right corner. This gave me the radiating lines; I have to assume the angles were correct but it looked good.

Next I drew lines from a point on the outer part of the ring, to a point on the inner part of the ring using the radiating lines I had previously drawn. I tried drawing these lines using point to point & straight line modes. I then removed the radiating lines.

When I print the templates, I'm getting a template for every patch. I checked the outward pointing templates; 6 were identical and 2 were a different size but identical to each other.

I can't figure out why these patches aren't all the same size. I'm attaching the file. The 2 patches that are different are B.B & B.A.A.A.A.C.

Also when I try to print the templates, my only choice is to print a template for each patch.



Never mind! I was trying to right click in edit mode. I also realized that I don't need those concentric placement circles at all. Oh, well! Learning to draft a Mariner's Compass on my own. You've made it easy!

Quilt Assistant / Deleting portions of lines & other elements
« on: 31 May 2009, 04:24:28 »
I'm drafting a Mariner's Compass with 16 points. I started by creating the center lines of each spoke. I set snap to angle to 22.5 degrees. I'm working on 1 quarter of the complete block. I then drew a quarter circle where all the spokes will end. I then drew 2 more concentric quarter circles, these I want to be temporary, to indicate where the spokes meet. I then drew the outlines of the spokes from the original center lines to the appropriate concentric circle.

My block looks great & was very easy to do but I need to remove some of the circles I used for placement & portions of my original spokes to create a layered look & correct templates.

How do I do this? Or am I approaching drafting this design wrong? I could set the angle to 11.25 degrees & draw 32 spokes (or 8 for my quarter block) I would then no longer need those placement circles but I still have the issue with erasing parts of the lines.



Quilt Assistant / Divisions & Grid
« on: 13 February 2009, 21:51:41 »
I'm not sure I'm understanding divisions correctly. Would this be the same as the underlying grid for a quilt block?

What determines the spacing of the dotted grid in the working window? Especially, as it relates to snap to grid. I THINK I changed the grid spacing to 1/4" but the dot spacing remained the same.

PS: Beg your patience here. I have read the manual & keep it open while I'm working. I'm trying to "really" learn this program. So far, I love it!

Quilt Assistant / Circles
« on: 13 February 2009, 21:40:39 »
Hi All,
I hope this isn't a duplicate post. When I tried to post before, I had some problems & it didn't appear as a posting.

I'm new to QA but I really love it. I'm trying to create templates for a Japanese Block called A Wheel of Fortune. I'm including an attachment of a mocked up block but in case the attachment fails the block consists of 2 concentric circles within the square block, think doughnut. The ring section between the 2 circles consists of 16 segments, 8 pairs of 2 different sizes. The block is all patchwork.

I've can't figure out how to draw the circles. I've tried many combinations of options without success. If I draw a satisfactory circle when I release the mouse button the circle either disappears or is connected to the edge of the block.

I also can't figure out how to center the circles, once I get them drawn that is. Is there anyway to see the size of the circles? I think I can create the line segments ok.

Please help!

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