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Quilt Assistant / Windows 10?
« on: 28 May 2016, 17:26:38 »
Does Quilt Assistant work with Windows 10? Thanks!!

Quilt Assistant / Re: Adding color to printed pattern pieces?
« on: 08 May 2016, 16:07:41 »
Thanks for letting me know. And thanks for creating this software. I'm finding it very useful.

Quilt Assistant / Printing-has glue edge when not needed
« on: 06 May 2016, 16:40:31 »
I created a paper pieced block, 9.5" tall and 12" wide, and set the printing options to 11"x17" paper with landscape orientation. There is only one section in the block--all 32 pieces are part of section A--so the block pattern should print as a single 10" by 12.5" section. However, when I try to print, the block pattern is divided into two sections with a glue line for joining them back together after printing. In the preview, the two sections are right next to each other on the same page, so it is clear that one complete section would fit on the page. Is there a way to get the pattern to one section with no glue line? Thank you!

Quilt Assistant / Adding color to printed pattern pieces?
« on: 06 May 2016, 16:27:42 »
Thank you for this program! I'm enjoying it and learning a lot. I'm wondering if there is a way to print a paper pieced pattern with some of the pieces shaded. My pattern uses three colors, and I'd like to print it in gray scale, with each piece shaded white, light gray, or darker gray. Can you let me know how to do this? Thank you!

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