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Quilt Assistant / Sharing patterns created with Quilt Assistant
« Last post by Janettx on 28 December 2014, 17:35:33 »
First of all thank you.  I found the program to be fairly simple.  I'm still working out a few things but was able to create a pattern on the first day of use which to me says a lot about the program.
I was wondering is there a place where users can post the patterns they create to share with others?  There are several silhouette Facebook groups that do this and I was wondering if there was a Facebook group for Quilt assistant.  Sharing is so much fun.  :)
Thanks so much for the program.  It is wonderful.
Quilt Assistant / Re: Shape Tree
« Last post by MeltedWater on 02 December 2014, 10:38:40 »
Oh, yes! Now I can see it! thank you!
Quilt Assistant / Re: Shape Tree
« Last post by Arnout on 01 December 2014, 21:59:07 »
There are several ways to find out. You can click on a line/shape to select it, and it should show in the design window with a red dotted line.

Also, you can move your mouse over the design window and look at the line at the bottom of the main window. It should tell you over which shape the mouse pointer is hovering.

Quilt Assistant / Shape Tree
« Last post by MeltedWater on 01 December 2014, 15:50:01 »
dear Arnout, thank you very much for the software.

I've just downloaded it and Ive read the pdf instruction.

I didvided my image in 2 parts. I can see parts A and B in the Shape Tree. I think it'll be more convenient if I could see the same letters in the image I'm working with...

The question is: which part is A and which part is B? Thank you
Quilt Assistant / Re: windows 8.1
« Last post by Kez on 10 November 2014, 14:45:26 »
Is there an update for 8.1 please?  as  I am unable to open  QA  or run from my laptop.
Quilt Assistant / Re: Quilt Assistant - Question, saving files
« Last post by Arnout on 22 September 2014, 20:43:23 »
Hi Carlie,

Quilt Assistant does not save images (unless you specifically export your design to an image), but it does save information about the pattern you created in a file ending with extension .qa2 .

Also, if you save your project (which the software will always ask you to do before closing), it should appear on the list of projects shown right after starting the program again.

Hope this helps.

Quilt Assistant / Quilt Assistant - Question, saving files
« Last post by Carlie Wolf on 21 September 2014, 22:38:49 »
I spent a few hours this morning reading over the instructions and then making an illusion block pattern in the colors I wanted. I was thrilled with it. It was just perfect for the project I had in mind.

As I went through the different steps I would save it at various steps and then naturally also save the final design.

Went into the program a little while ago and it's not saved!!! So I went though my WHOLE computer searching for it. Nada.....nowhere.... It was a .png file.

Before I try to spend another few hours recreating it......I have to ask........does this program save what you create? If so, any idea what I did wrong???Would hate to go through all that again only to have the same results!!!  :-\
Quilt Assistant / Freezing intermittently
« Last post by Littlebeth201 on 15 August 2014, 22:17:50 »
Sometimes when I'm working on a pattern I'll go to erase a line and it will freeze. After closing and reopening the program I try to erase the same line and it freezes again. It always wants to freeze when trying to remove the same line and I have to leave the line in order to finish the pattern. This is a bother because I need to get rid of that line for the pattern to work properly. Is there a solution or has anyone else had issues?
Quilt Assistant / Re: Fabric Usage
« Last post by Arnout on 07 August 2014, 07:45:22 »

Here is how to read this: fabric #5 (= the fifth most used fabric in the design) is used in 19 different patches/pieces. When using 43" wide fabric, a single strip of 2" should suffice to cut all those pieces from.

So maybe your design has 19 square patches of less than 2"x2", that would match the description.

Usage is estimated based on the size of the largest piece and the total area of fabric needed (including seam allowance).

Best regards,
Quilt Assistant / Fabric Usage
« Last post by Littlebeth201 on 05 August 2014, 22:40:56 »
Hey there,

This may sound a little stupid but I used the Fabric Usage feature for printing and I am confused about the way it is printed. It says "#5, used 19x, fabric 2 in". I'm not sure how to figure this out. I set the length of fabric to 43 in because that's how wide I would buy it. Does this mean I need 19 strips of 2 in wide fabric or 19 pieces 2 in wide? I'm not sure if I picked the wrong fabric width or I am just not understanding how it is written out. Thanks for your help.
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