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Quilt Assistant / Re: Reversing the Pattern?
« Last post by Arnout on 28 February 2012, 18:43:00 »
Hi Barb,

There is no way to reverse the pattern itself, but you can print in reverse: use the "Mirrored Output" check box in the print dialog to make that choice.
Quilt Assistant / Re: Reversing the Pattern?
« Last post by barb on 25 February 2012, 22:12:20 »
This is how I got by the problem:  Copied the pattern to Word and reversed it there.   No problem!

Still interested in whether QA can do it.

Thanks for the wonderful app.
Quilt Assistant / Reversing the Pattern?
« Last post by barb on 25 February 2012, 21:30:54 »
To facilitate paper piecing, I divided my 18" quilt into four 9" blocks. Two (bottom left and top right) use the same pattern and the other two are the reverse. I drew the first block using QA and sewed two pieces.

Now I need to reverse the pattern and print it backwards (or upside-down) for paper-piecing the other two blocks? I've tried the Symmetry menu but nothing happens.
QuiltAssistent / Thema Kurven
« Last post by moehie on 09 February 2012, 15:13:46 »
Hallo Arnout, grüß dich, schon lang nimmer da gewesen.
Könntest du mal ein kleines Beispiel für Kurven reinstellen.
Ich habe schon rausgekriegt, wie man die Kurven verändert usw. Aber am Schluss habe ich immer viel zu viele Kurven. Wie lösche ich denn die überflüssigen?
Kannst du bitte mal so ein klitzekleines tutorial machen für, sagen wir, eine kleine, sanfte Hügellandschaft?
DANKE!  :-*
General Discussion / Stacked Quilt
« Last post by Lucy on 08 January 2012, 21:10:46 »
The Stacked quilt is one of the most amazing quilts I have ever seen.  Can't fathom how much time and creativity went into piecing it.  Well done!!!
Algemeen / happy quilting 2012
« Last post by mamia on 31 December 2011, 19:35:14 »
voor iedereen de beste wensen voor 2012!
groet Mia
Quilt Assistant / Re: how to view several blocks together
« Last post by Arnout on 16 December 2011, 08:42:16 »
Hi Sarah,

Saving to the clipboard is easy. For the best result, first select the "Coloring" mode from the "Mode" menu (key C), then zoom the design to the size you want the copy to be, then select "Copy Design to Clipboard" from the "Edit" menu (key Ctrl-C).

Quilt Assistant / Re: how to view several blocks together
« Last post by Sarah on 14 December 2011, 20:49:44 »
How do you save it to the clipboard?
Quilt Assistant / Any ideas?
« Last post by madmummy on 22 November 2011, 12:32:03 »
I am new here and think this programme will be a great help, once I have fathomed it out ;)

I only took up patchwork and quilting a year ago, but have just been tasked with designing and making a quilt for our local Royal British Legion branch to auction/raffle next summer.

Any ideas/help on design and use of this programme would be gratefully received.

QuiltAssistant / Re: Les: Paper-piecing met QuiltAssistant, deel 2
« Last post by Hanneke on 25 September 2011, 12:36:02 »
Hallo Arnout,
Ik ben weer met een tekening begonnen, maar ik snap niet goed wat ik moet doen als er de rode cirkeltjes rond de punten staan, ik had er zoveel dat ik opnieuw ben begonnen. Ik kijk nu steeds na een paar lijnen, nu heb ik er al 1, maar weet niet wat ik moet doen. Ik zal het plaatje mailen want ik weet niet hoe ik het hier moet invoegen
Groeten Hanneke
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