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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
« on: 26 February 2008, 20:56:11 »
Some answers to frequently asked questions. If the answer you are looking for isn't here, let me know!

1. I get an error during installation saying the installer is corrupted or incomplete!

If you see this message when you try to install, something went wrong with the download. This has nothing to do with your version of Windows (Vista or otherwise), and the only solution is to to download the software again. Because you may get the same incomplete file from some (internet) cache, please try one of the following alternate links in case you keep having problems with the original download:

FabLib alternate link #1
FabLib alternate link #2

2. Can I run FabLib on my PC/operating system?

FabLib runs on Windows 98 and up, and if your PC is no more than 5 or 6 years old it should meet any other system requirements. To be able to scan fabrics directly from FabLib, you need a WIA or TWAIN driver for your scanner to make it accessible to FabLib. As an alternative you can use your scanner software to scan fabrics, save the images and process those with FabLib.

3. Can I use my digital camera instead of a scanner?

Yes, first transfer the photos to your PC by the normal means (using the digital camera software or a card reader), then use FabLib to process the image files. Of course, how well the colors will match the original fabric is a is a lot more predictable when using a scanner, as a digital camera is dependent on external lighting conditions. Also, for EQ6, you loose the accurate fabric scaling you get when you use a scanner.

4. How do I use the fabric swatches in my EQ5 project?

After saving fabrics with FabLib, you must import them into EQ5 before you can use them in your projects. You can find instructions on the Electric Quilt website, here (skip to step 17 halfway down the page) or here (under the header 'Importing Fabric to EQ5').

5: How do I make non-square selections to match a fabric pattern? OR: How do I make sure my selections are always perfectly square?

You can choose between pefect squares and general rectangular selections by changing the 'Force square selections' option near the bottom of the dialog you get when you press the 'Settings...' button.

6. What is the Microsoft .NET Framework and why do I need it?

It is basically a library of software functions that FabLib uses to do the difficult bits (like loading, saving and scaling images), so FabLib can't live without it. It comes pre-installed with Windows Vista. For more (technical) information about the .NET Framework than you can possibly want, have a look at the Wikipedia entry.

7. After installing the .NET Framework to use FabLib, the 'Welcome to Windows' screen appears when I start Windows XP, I did not get that before?

This is caused by a known issue in the .NET Framework. The resolution Microsoft offers is to install the latest service pack to the .NET Framework.