Author Topic: I can't draw a simple circle!!  (Read 9574 times)


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I can't draw a simple circle!!
« on: 22 August 2010, 15:17:35 »
I have read the tutorial, and the FAQ's...and I know this has to be something very simple that I am overlooking!
 When I click on 1/2 circle and draw soon as I let go of my mouse button it elongates into a very long rectangle shape with the half circle only on 1 end? I would like to be able to work with circles and arrange them into a wreath type formation, but I can't get it to make a circle?
 I just love this head is spinning with possiblities...thank you for creating this..I know I am going to be using this a lot!! Donna


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Re: I can't draw a simple circle!!
« Reply #1 on: 25 August 2010, 08:29:13 »
Hi Donna,

You didn't overlook anything, you are right about not being able to draw a simple circle. That may sound strange, but it helps to understand that QuiltAssistant is specifically designed to create patchwork patterns (as opposed to applique).
It doesn't "think" in lines, but in shapes. So every time you draw a line or curve, it will try to extend it to connect to existing lines, which divides the design into separate closed shapes.

A work-around: first draw a straight line, through the center of where you want the circle to be. Then draw two half circles, both starting and ending on that line. Afterwards, you can right-click on the line in the middle of the circle to remove it.

Also, you can't create shapes with holes in them (a limitation of the software). If you were able to draw a simple circle, you would do just that: create a surrounding shape with a circle-shaped hole in it.

There are many tools to help you align and connect everything properly, you can find more about that in the PDF manual.