Author Topic: Printing?  (Read 12879 times)


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« on: 31 March 2015, 21:07:01 »
I went through the posted tutorials and did some blocks of my own, but they will not print. They show up in the preview, but the printed paper only has the copyright on it. Can someone please help me?


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Re: Printing?
« Reply #1 on: 02 April 2015, 08:47:35 »
It is difficult to say what goes wrong in this case, since the print preview seems to show that the design can be printed without problems. I would advice to install a so-called PDF Printer, which is a piece of (free) software that you can download. With that you can "print" your design to a PDF file and see if that produces the correct result.

You can find many free PDF printers through Google, most are free but usually come with some extra unwanted bits that you may want to uncheck during installation.