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Gallery, Quilts 1-5

colorful-dreams (Kleurrijke dromen), click to enlargeColorful Dreams (Kleurrijke dromen 2005)  125cm x 97cm (49" x 38")
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Inspired by a photo. After earlier successful attempts at making quilts based on photos, this is the first time I used curved shapes to follow the natural curves of the subject. Both the design and the quilting pattern were created on the computer. Quilt detail.

ode-aan-ootje (), click to enlargeOde aan Ootje (2007)  165cm x 115cm (65" x 45.5")
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Memories of the old Dutch banknotes (before the Euro made its entrance), colorful images by graphic designed Douwe Oxenaar (nicknamed "Ootje"). Quilt detail.

spring-is-in-the-air (), click to enlargeSpring is in the air (2006)  104cm x 107cm (41" x 42")
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A spring quilt that reminds me of spring green grass and colorful Dutch bulb fields. The three-dimensional design is created using POV-Ray. Quilt detail.

menger-cube (Kubus van Menger), click to enlargeMenger's Cube (Kubus van Menger 2004)  110cm x 110cm (43.5" x 43.5")
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This design is based on a Menger Sponge.

dusk (), click to enlargeDusk (1999)  60cm x 47cm (23.5" x 19")
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My very first quilt. After buying six Fat Quarters in primary colors from my Local Quilt Shop I came up with this design to fit the colors.