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Gallery, Quilts 1-5

spring-is-in-the-air (), click to enlargeSpring is in the air (2006)  104cm x 107cm (41" x 42")

A spring quilt that reminds me of spring green grass and colorful Dutch bulb fields. The three-dimensional design is created using POV-Ray. Quilt detail.

menger-cube (Kubus van Menger), click to enlargeMenger's Cube (Kubus van Menger 2004)  110cm x 110cm (43.5" x 43.5")

This design is based on a Menger Sponge.

schin-op-geul (), click to enlargeSchin op Geul (2004)  122cm x 83cm (48" x 32.5")

A photo of Schin op Geul, a village in Limburg (NL), was the inspiration for this quilt. Have a look at the original photo, or a detail of the quilt

spin-off (), click to enlargeSpin-off (2003)  130cm x 130cm (51" x 51")

This design derives from the tensided tablecloth. While making the tablecloth I discovered unexpected circular patterns which I transformed into five perfect circles, overlapping in the middle of this quilt. Each circle has its own theme; the basic colors for the circles are matched to the patterned fabrics used in the centres of the pentagons. Quilt detail.

monet-sunflowers (Monet's Zonnebloemen), click to enlargeMonet's Sunflowers (Monet's Zonnebloemen 2000-2002)  138cm x 181cm (54" x 71")

A painting by Claude Monet is the basis for this design. I used the computer to break the painting up in rectangular pieces of different sizes and shapes. The size of the shapes is determined by the amount of color variation in the original picture. Quilt detail.