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Gallery, Quilts 1-5

spring-is-in-the-air (), click to enlargeSpring is in the air (2006)  104cm x 107cm (41" x 42")
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A spring quilt that reminds me of spring green grass and colorful Dutch bulb fields. The three-dimensional design is created using POV-Ray. Quilt detail.

menger-cube (Kubus van Menger), click to enlargeMenger's Cube (Kubus van Menger 2004)  110cm x 110cm (43.5" x 43.5")
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This design is based on a Menger Sponge.

schin-op-geul (), click to enlargeSchin op Geul (2004)  122cm x 83cm (48" x 32.5")
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A photo of Schin op Geul, a village in Limburg (NL), was the inspiration for this quilt. Have a look at the original photo, or a detail of the quilt

spin-off (), click to enlargeSpin-off (2003)  130cm x 130cm (51" x 51")
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This design derives from the tensided tablecloth. While making the tablecloth I discovered unexpected circular patterns which I transformed into five perfect circles, overlapping in the middle of this quilt. Each circle has its own theme; the basic colors for the circles are matched to the patterned fabrics used in the centres of the pentagons. Quilt detail.

tablecloth (Tafelkleed), click to enlargeTablecloth (Tafelkleed 2002)  162cm x 162cm (63.5" x 63.5")
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This quilt was designed for the theme '5'. De basic shape used in this tensided tablecloth for a round table is the fivepointed star (pentagram), surrouned by a regular pentagon. These pentagons form a selfreplicating pattern (a so-called fractal), which occupies a large part of the quilt. The remaining space is filled by an unpatterned fabric. Quilt detail.