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Gallery, Quilts 6-10

monet-sunflowers (Monet's Zonnebloemen), click to enlargeMonet's Sunflowers (Monet's Zonnebloemen 2000-2002)  138cm x 181cm (54" x 71")
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A painting by Claude Monet is the basis for this design. I used the computer to break the painting up in rectangular pieces of different sizes and shapes. The size of the shapes is determined by the amount of color variation in the original picture. Quilt detail.

doyenna (), click to enlargeDoyenna (2008)  98cm x 210cm (38.5" x 82.5")
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A "life-size" quilt I've been wanting to make for a long time, waiting for a sufficiently large stash, sufficient sewing skills and most of all a good design.
Quilt detail 1, detail 2, detail 3.

toverbal (), click to enlargeToverbal (2009)  128cm x 128cm (50.5" x 50.5")
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Toverbal is Dutch for gobstopper or jawbreaker, but a more literal translation would be "magic ball". I created the three-dimensional design using POV-Ray. Quilt detail.

falkens-maze (), click to enlargeFalkens Maze (2001)  151cm x 100cm (59.5" x 39.5")
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The idea for this quilt came after buying a packet of 4" squares (Jinny Beyer's Basic Reality collection). I used EQ4 to design the pattern. The name comes from a (totally unrelated) movie, which I'm sure you can Google out for yourself if you really want to. Quilt detail.

pkn-logo (PKN Beeldmerk), click to enlargePCN Logo (PKN Beeldmerk 2004)  85cm x 85cm (33.5" x 33.5")
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This quilt shows the logo of the Protestant Church in the Netherlands (PCN). The unification of three Protestant churches into the PCN happened on 1 May 2004. Quilt detail.