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Gallery, Quilts 6-10

paradise (), click to enlargeParadise? (2008)  137cm x 97cm (54" x 38")

Paradise for those who like peace and quiet (or quilters who would just like to piece in quiet), or would this just be too quiet and peaceful?
Quilt detail.

ode-aan-ootje (), click to enlargeOde aan Ootje (2007)  165cm x 115cm (65" x 45.5")

Memories of the old Dutch banknotes (before the Euro made its entrance), colorful images by graphic designed Douwe Oxenaar (nicknamed "Ootje"). Quilt detail.

de-naaidoos (), click to enlargeDe Naaidoos (2007)  76cm x 56cm (30" x 22")

Made as a result of my exhibition in quilt shop "De Naaidoos". Quilt detail.

colored-blocks-3 (Gekleurde blokken 3), click to enlargeColored Blocks 3 (Gekleurde blokken 3 2007)  50cm x 50cm (19.5" x 19.5")

Used Electric Quilt 6 for these simple blocks and shadows.

round (Rond), click to enlargeRound (Rond 2007)  92cm x 92cm (36" x 36")

A quilt full of round shapes, which taught me a lot about the use of the Curve Master Presser Foot for sewing curves. Quilt detail.