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Gallery, Quilts 11-15

block-play (Blokkenspel), click to enlargeBlock Play (Blokkenspel 2007)  119cm x 107cm (47" x 42")

Puzzle Blocks 2006: everyone makes a pattern of a star en sends only the unique templates to the others; they then puzzle out how to reassemble those into a block. Quilt detail.

anime-nuriko-fushigi-yuugi (), click to enlargeAnime (2006)  50cm x 50cm (19.5" x 19.5")

Made for the ten year anniversary of quilt shop the Quilt-Bee. The image is based on a character from a Japanese animated movie ('Anime'). Quilt detail.

piece-by-piece (), click to enlargePiece by Piece (2006)  115cm x 143cm (45" x 56")

This quilt needs some distance. If you are looking at the full size quilt, it's best to step away from your monitor. The farther the better...

rosewood (Rozenhout), click to enlargeRosewood (Rozenhout 2006)  73cm x 84cm (29" x 33")

"Save by the border." The original design (multi-colored rose) didn't work very well on its own. It was in serious danger of ending up as a UFO, but a good idea for a border made it worth finishing after all. Quilt detail.

spherical-fantasy (Bollenfantasie), click to enlargeSpherical fantasy (Bollenfantasie 2006)  163cm x 226cm (64" x 89")

This one started out with the idea of creating a simple quilt for everyday use, but ended in some pretty dense quilting. Quilt detail.