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Gallery, Quilts 16-20

spring-is-in-the-air (), click to enlargeSpring is in the air (2006)  104cm x 107cm (41" x 42")

A spring quilt that reminds me of spring green grass and colorful Dutch bulb fields. The three-dimensional design is created using POV-Ray. Quilt detail.

maze (Doolhof), click to enlargeMaze (Doolhof 2005)  95cm x 95cm (37.5" x 37.5")

Find your way from the upper-left corner past the butterfly to the lower-right. With regards to Jo Edkins for showing everything you always wanted to know about mazes.

colorful-dreams (Kleurrijke dromen), click to enlargeColorful Dreams (Kleurrijke dromen 2005)  125cm x 97cm (49" x 38")

Inspired by a photo. After earlier successful attempts at making quilts based on photos, this is the first time I used curved shapes to follow the natural curves of the subject. Both the design and the quilting pattern were created on the computer. Quilt detail.

colored-blocks-2 (Gekleurde blokken 2), click to enlargeColored Blocks 2 (Gekleurde blokken 2 2005)  71cm x 98cm (28" x 38.5")

An idea developed from the fabric patterned with small colored blocks, as used in the quilt. Quilt detail.

new-life-naegi (Nieuw Leven), click to enlargeNew Life (Nieuw Leven 2005)  108cm x 148cm (42.5" x 58.5")

The white leaves refer to new life ('a blank canvas'), developing in a colorful world. New life also points to the source of the leaves: the white shapes are 'scraps' left over from earlier quilts, brought to life in this design. The Japanese characters were added last to the design and mean as much as 'sapling' or 'young tree'. The echo-quilting around the leaves remind me of a Japanese rock garden. Quilt detail.