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Gallery, Quilts 21-25

menger (), click to enlargeMenger Revisited (2011-2014)  110cm x 110cm (43" x 43")
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A new version of an older concept, with a different perspective and color choice. Quilt detail.

colored-blocks-2 (Gekleurde blokken 2), click to enlargeColored Blocks 2 (Gekleurde blokken 2 2005)  71cm x 98cm (28" x 38.5")
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An idea developed from the fabric patterned with small colored blocks, as used in the quilt. Quilt detail.

convex-metamorphosis (Convexe Metamorfose), click to enlargeConvex Metamorphosis (Convexe Metamorfose 2001)  113cm x 99cm (44.5" x 39")
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Another packet of 4" squares (P&B solid colors) and the reading of Jinny Beyer's Designing Tesselations led to this quilt. The patchwork was done by paper piecing; the individual paper piecing designs were computed and printed using a specially written computer program.

anime-nuriko-fushigi-yuugi (), click to enlargeAnime (2006)  50cm x 50cm (19.5" x 19.5")
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Made for the ten year anniversary of quilt shop the Quilt-Bee. The image is based on a character from a Japanese animated movie ('Anime'). Quilt detail.

bed-quilt (Geen naam), click to enlargeUntitled (Geen naam 2001-2002)  138cm x 242cm (54" x 95")
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A quilt for a bed, based on a traditional Islamic pattern. The pattern is more easily recognizable from another angle.