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Gallery, Quilts 21-25

quiltned (), click to enlargeQuiltNed (2004)  47cm x 72cm (18.5" x 28.5")

QuiltNed is a Dutch mailing list.

menger-cube (Kubus van Menger), click to enlargeMenger's Cube (Kubus van Menger 2004)  110cm x 110cm (43.5" x 43.5")

This design is based on a Menger Sponge.

twirls (), click to enlargeTwirls (2004)  90cm x 40cm (35.5" x 15.5")

A small quilt to fit the window above my front door. A view from the other side.

schin-op-geul (), click to enlargeSchin op Geul (2004)  122cm x 83cm (48" x 32.5")

A photo of Schin op Geul, a village in Limburg (NL), was the inspiration for this quilt. Have a look at the original photo, or a detail of the quilt

scrap-circles (), click to enlargeScrap Circles (2004)  108cm x 87cm (42.5" x 34")

A packet of 6" squares led to this design. The edges of the pieces follow the direction of the quilted circles. I used the 50 fabrics from the packet for the center, even though it only contains 6 x 8 squares. If you are really bored you can try to find out where the symmetry in the design is broken because of this. Back side.