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Gallery, Quilts 21-25

maze (Doolhof), click to enlargeMaze (Doolhof 2005)  95cm x 95cm (37.5" x 37.5")

Find your way from the upper-left corner past the butterfly to the lower-right. With regards to Jo Edkins for showing everything you always wanted to know about mazes.

spring-is-in-the-air (), click to enlargeSpring is in the air (2006)  104cm x 107cm (41" x 42")

A spring quilt that reminds me of spring green grass and colorful Dutch bulb fields. The three-dimensional design is created using POV-Ray. Quilt detail.

spherical-fantasy (Bollenfantasie), click to enlargeSpherical fantasy (Bollenfantasie 2006)  163cm x 226cm (64" x 89")

This one started out with the idea of creating a simple quilt for everyday use, but ended in some pretty dense quilting. Quilt detail.

rosewood (Rozenhout), click to enlargeRosewood (Rozenhout 2006)  73cm x 84cm (29" x 33")

"Save by the border." The original design (multi-colored rose) didn't work very well on its own. It was in serious danger of ending up as a UFO, but a good idea for a border made it worth finishing after all. Quilt detail.

piece-by-piece (), click to enlargePiece by Piece (2006)  115cm x 143cm (45" x 56")

This quilt needs some distance. If you are looking at the full size quilt, it's best to step away from your monitor. The farther the better...