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Gallery, Quilts 26-30

animal-blocks (), click to enlargeAnimal Blocks (2000)  153cm x 205cm (60" x 80.5")
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After my first experiment I decided to make a bigger quilt that would actually be of use. The quilt features a large baby blocks motif. Each side of the blocks has an animal pattern quilted onto it, hence the name of the quilt. The back shows the quilt pattern more clearly.

dusk (), click to enlargeDusk (1999)  60cm x 47cm (23.5" x 19")
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My very first quilt. After buying six Fat Quarters in primary colors from my Local Quilt Shop I came up with this design to fit the colors.

block-play (Blokkenspel), click to enlargeBlock Play (Blokkenspel 2007)  119cm x 107cm (47" x 42")
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Puzzle Blocks 2006: everyone makes a pattern of a star en sends only the unique templates to the others; they then puzzle out how to reassemble those into a block. Quilt detail.

twirls (), click to enlargeTwirls (2004)  90cm x 40cm (35.5" x 15.5")
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A small quilt to fit the window above my front door. A view from the other side.

new-life-naegi (Nieuw Leven), click to enlargeNew Life (Nieuw Leven 2005)  108cm x 148cm (42.5" x 58.5")
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The white leaves refer to new life ('a blank canvas'), developing in a colorful world. New life also points to the source of the leaves: the white shapes are 'scraps' left over from earlier quilts, brought to life in this design. The Japanese characters were added last to the design and mean as much as 'sapling' or 'young tree'. The echo-quilting around the leaves remind me of a Japanese rock garden. Quilt detail.