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Gallery, Quilts 26-30

flora-and-fungi (), click to enlargeFlora & Fungi (2004)  123cm x 123cm (48.5" x 48.5")

A rendition of four (holiday)snapshots of flowers and mushrooms. The photos were converted into a patchwork pattern using the computer. Each patch is shaped differently, but the design makes it possible to sew them together in straight lines. Quilt detail.

pkn-logo (PKN Beeldmerk), click to enlargePCN Logo (PKN Beeldmerk 2004)  85cm x 85cm (33.5" x 33.5")

This quilt shows the logo of the Protestant Church in the Netherlands (PCN). The unification of three Protestant churches into the PCN happened on 1 May 2004. Quilt detail.

checkerboard (Schaakbord), click to enlargeCheckerboard (Schaakbord 2003)  99cm x 81cm (39" x 32")

Designed by using a 3D modeling computer program and tracing the resulting picture in EQ4 to be able to print templates for the pieces (all shaped slightly different). Quilt detail.

spin-off (), click to enlargeSpin-off (2003)  130cm x 130cm (51" x 51")

This design derives from the tensided tablecloth. While making the tablecloth I discovered unexpected circular patterns which I transformed into five perfect circles, overlapping in the middle of this quilt. Each circle has its own theme; the basic colors for the circles are matched to the patterned fabrics used in the centres of the pentagons. Quilt detail.

colored-blocks (Gekleurde blokken), click to enlargeColored Blocks (Gekleurde blokken 2003)  47cm x 47cm (18.5" x 18.5")

A small in-between project to experiment with colors.