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Gallery, Quilts 36-37

scrap-circles (), click to enlargeScrap Circles (2004)  108cm x 87cm (42.5" x 34")
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A packet of 6" squares led to this design. The edges of the pieces follow the direction of the quilted circles. I used the 50 fabrics from the packet for the center, even though it only contains 6 x 8 squares. If you are really bored you can try to find out where the symmetry in the design is broken because of this. Back side.

round (Rond), click to enlargeRound (Rond 2007)  92cm x 92cm (36" x 36")
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A quilt full of round shapes, which taught me a lot about the use of the Curve Master Presser Foot for sewing curves. Quilt detail.