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Where is the Quilt Shop?

Looking for a nice patchwork and quilt shop in Spain? This list shows the quilt shops, sorted by place name.

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El Patio de Costura in 05001 Ávila
Quilt Art in 15004 A Coruña
Trozicos in 44600 Alcañiz
Patchwork & Quilting Ana Cámara in 03004 Alicante
Entremanos Patchwork in 35500 Arrecife, Lanzarote
Authen-tic in 08005 Barcelona
BCN Patchwork in 08029 Barcelona
Casa Felix in 08002 Barcelona
Club de la Aguja in 08006 Barcelona
Dona Punt de Creu in 08008 Barcelona
Dona Punt de Creu in 08006 Barcelona
El Talleret in 08027 Barcelona
Elsa Labors Patchwork in 08024 Barcelona
Fet a mà in 08015 Barcelona
Fil Magic Marina in 08028 Barcelona
Ideas Patch&Quilt in 08016 Barcelona
Lucrecia Beleta Patchwork in 08006 Barcelona
L’Eixample (Lola Bot in 08015 Barcelona
Nunoya in 08010 Barcelona
Oyambre in 08009 Barcelona
Merceria Mentxu in 48014 Bilbao
Julián López in 12001 Castellón de la Plana
Laura Mori in 35660 Corralejo
Art & Patch in 03700 Dénia
Twinkle Patchwork in 38109 El Rosario, Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Lanas Mayalan in 33206 Gijón
El Petit Punt in 17004 Girona
La Rueca Patchwork in 15004 La Coruña
Patchwork Passion in 38320 La Cuesta , Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Tu Rincón de Patchwork in 35003 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Inma Patchwork in 26003 Logroño
Mastelas in 26002 Logroño
Vacoser in 29003 Málaga
Dechado in 28016 Madrid
J.L. Quilts in 28027 Madrid
Telalia in 28033 Madrid
Merceria Amelia in 07007 Palma de Mallorca
Patchwork Mercería Detalls in 07003 Palma de Mallorca
R.C. Quilts & Patchwork in 17256 Pals
Juan Miguel Roselló in 03750 Pedreguer
Merceria Julant in 48920 Portugalete
La Costurera in 46520 Puerto de Sagunto, Valencia
Merceria La Moda in 08201 Sabadell
Teixits Agell in 17190 Salt, Girona
Pansy Patchwork in 17220 Sant Feliu de Guíxols
Zález in 41004 Sevilla
Merceria l'Alguer in 43002 Tarragona
Puntadas in 11600 Ubrique
Julián López in 46002 València
La Tía Pepa in 46004 Valencia
Mercería González in 46009 Valencia
Merceria Nadel in 47014 Valladolid
Máquinas de Coser Valladolid in 47004 Valladolid
El Racó de les Labors in 17142 Verges
Nice Works in 08339 Vilassar de Dalt
Irantzu-tzu in 01002 Vitoria
Larraz Grupo Empresarial in 50001 Zaragoza
Santiago Narimán Sanz in 50003 Zaragoza
Telas de Luna in 50006 Zaragoza

Last modified: 05/18/2024 (59 shops in Spain).


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