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Region: USA - geschrieben am 23. February 2023, 11:47 Uhr
Webseite - Email: ivonne [at] jellyrollclub [dot] com


Thanks for sharing your amazing tool withthe quilty world!

Region: Canada - geschrieben am 7. January 2023, 7:08 Uhr

Mary C.

Lovely and very helpful website. Your quilts and geometric designs are inspiring (actually mind-blowing). Thank you!

Region: Columbia, MO - geschrieben am 5. January 2023, 1:43 Uhr

Connie Pry

I love this software - very easy to use and design paper piecing blocks. I use it with my EQ software which is not as user friendly for paper peicing.

geschrieben am 9. November 2022, 12:35 Uhr
Email: pietoptiek [at] gmail [dot] com

Piet Optiek

Wat een geweldige website is dit toch. Ik maak er vaak gebruik van. Grote dank daarvoor!

Region: Fresno, CA - geschrieben am 6. October 2022, 22:18 Uhr
Webseite - Email: fresno [at] VIKINGSEWINGGALLERY [dot] COM


Thank you for this wonderful software, I am a new quilter and I have been ever-curious if something like this existed! I am so happy to know that it does and that it is FREE! I am excited to start using it to create paper-piecing designs that I am considereing converting to machine embroidery/in the hoop quilt blocks. So many possibilities!

Region: USA - geschrieben am 25. February 2022, 5:37 Uhr
Email: quiltnowcookl8r [at] comcast [dot] net

Patricia Redmon

Thank you so very much for Quilt Assistant. I am recuperating from surgery. I am not allowed to do anything physical. To relieve the boredom and not dwell on the pain, I have been using this software to design quilts. At the end of my recuperation, I will have quite a lot of quilt patterns. I can’t wait to see how they look when they are made. Again, thank you very much. 😊

Region: Ohio USA - geschrieben am 16. December 2021, 5:31 Uhr
Email: boxershiner [at] woh [dot] rr [dot] com

Cathy Coyer

Nice body of work!

Region: Ulrechsbersiedlung 21 - geschrieben am 24. July 2017, 13:10 Uhr
Email: Ulreichsberh [at] gmail [dot] com

Tonny Hönigsberger

Fijn dat ik zo een vertrouwde Quiltwinkel heb waar ik af en toe ,kan bestellen

Region: South West France and South West England - geschrieben am 9. July 2017, 9:47 Uhr


I have just posted a message on a thread on the Facebook page of Just Us Quilters. Someone said that she did not find a quilt shop after 10 weeks in Italy. If she had known about your website, she could have found one. I hope that more people find out about your website - it is a great resource. I use it for finding quilt shops in France.

Region: Tehachapi CA-USA - geschrieben am 27. April 2017, 23:35 Uhr


Great program, wish it was available for the MAC. Fortunately I have access to a PC, so was able to download it. A really superb program for paper piecing.

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