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Region: Watersmeet, Michigan, USA - geschrieben am 23. November 2015, 1:10 Uhr


I love this program and it astounds me that it is free! If there is a way to make a mobile version, I would really be able to maximize my quilting design creativity time. Is there any work in progress to go mobile platform, like anfroid?
Thank you!

Region: Durban, South Africa - geschrieben am 10. November 2015, 12:52 Uhr


Your quilts are fantastic, Thank you for the free software x

Region: Irapuato, MEXICO - geschrieben am 23. July 2015, 20:38 Uhr
Email: marezaval [at] gmail [dot] com


Region: Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia - geschrieben am 5. July 2015, 23:38 Uhr


It is a great website to landing on.. Tons of information and got generous software to be downloaded.

geschrieben am 6. April 2015, 11:03 Uhr


Binnenkort op vakantie naar Napels en Sicilie.
Door uw website alvast twee adressen gevonden van quiltwinkels, die moeten natuurlijk ook bezocht worden.

Region: Perth, Western Australia - geschrieben am 22. February 2015, 6:53 Uhr

Tiiu Stojanovic

Thank you for this great program, I have just worked out the pattern for an Orchid. Great stuff

Region: USA - geschrieben am 6. February 2015, 16:59 Uhr


Love this software. Thanks so much!

Region: United States - geschrieben am 4. February 2015, 16:07 Uhr
Email: dekay929 [at] gmail [dot] com


Fantastically Amazing - Toverbal is a one of a kind although I'd love some type of pattern to follow to make one similar for myself do you offer sales? I am looking at POV and I'm not sure I can wrap my mind around trying some 3D design myself, but I will try. I dont think EQ can manage those beautiful "bendable" shapes. Thanks for sharing Quilt Assistant I will have some fun with that as well. You have a new follower for life Mr. Cosman - May GREAT things come your way. Best, Debra in the USA

geschrieben am 8. January 2015, 22:40 Uhr

Yolanda Ye

Thank you so much for the free software, it's such a great help!

Region: USA - geschrieben am 14. December 2014, 7:50 Uhr
Email: cathyquilts [at] woh [dot] r [dot] com


You make lovely unique quilts!

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